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Happy Monday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Years later, Craig is still dogged by uncomfortable photographic evidence of the year he insisted that sweater vests were the final piece to his debonair quest puzzle.

If I weren’t so disgusted with the havoc that the people running Joe Biden’s brain are wreaking with the United States, I might feel sorry for the guy at this point.

Spoiler alert: I don’t.

During the 2020 presidential campaign, the people around Biden tried to hide his lack of mental functioning by keeping him in his Delaware basement and only letting him be exposed to the public via videos that they could edit and control. Now that Amtrak Joe is President LOLEightyonemillion, they feel that they have to let him go out in front of people with his big boy pants on.

More often than not, these forays are unmitigated disasters.

Here at the Briefing, we’ve frequently been acknowledging that Jill Biden is more interested in being an attention you-know-what than doing what’s best for her husband. As I have written many times, she should be arrested for elder abuse.

Rick has the story of Joe Joe the Wonder POTUS’s latest public speaking mega FAIL:

It’s difficult to think of anything funny to write about Joe Biden’s latest gaffe. The astonishing mental decline of this man is frightening, and if Democrats had an ounce of care for the United States, they’d either have an intervention to get Biden to leave or put pressure on the cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment and have him removed constitutionally.

Watch as Biden is in such a stupor that he fails to note that he’s reading instructions written on the teleprompter for him.

Here’s the video:


Moments like this embarrass the entire country, not just the emotionally stunted idiots who voted for this guy. As Rick noted, concern for the nation should prompt them to bring Joe to the basement and leave him there before one of these public teleprompter events goes full Ron Burgundy.

I’m not really on board with the 25th Amendment idea, as having a President Harris barfing up word salads would merely be a lateral move as far as embarrassment goes.

Is it 2024 yet?


I’ve decided to go old school and give you fine people some email access to me. You can now write me at [email protected] to share whatever is on your mind. Each Friday, I will respond to a few of the best emails of the week. The wittier and more insightful offerings will get the most intention. This isn’t a complaint box, I haven’t the bandwidth for that. I’m not ruling out mocking anyone who doesn’t heed that.

It’s all about the people with me.

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