Several weeks ago we offered our first installment of Power Line’s Lexicon of Leftist Terms, and it is time for an update that includes several worthy suggestions from readers. Taking it from the top:

Populism: When the wrong person or cause wins a free election, like Brexit or Trump.

Racism: Any kind of resistance, conscious or unconscious, to the political program of the left.

Democracy: Any institutional design or voting system that enables the left to get what it wants.

Updated version: “Our” democracy—the version of “democracy as the left defines it.”

“Threat to democracy”: When Republicans win an election.

Diversity: Where everyone looks different, but thinks the same thing, and speaks in identical cliches.

Equity: The phrase leftists use when they reach for your wallet.

Inclusion: The deliberate exclusion of white males.

Disinformation: Anything a conservative says.

Holistic: Leftist adjective for “we have no idea what to do about a problem.”

Root causes: Method of deflecting attention from solutions that can relieve a problem immediately (like locking up criminals instead of playing catch and release).

Property: Theft. (See Marx, Karl, & Proudhon, Joseph.)

Social justice: Alternative phrase leftists use when reaching for your wallet. (See “equity,” above.)

Neoliberalism: Anything the left doesn’t like. (Often a synonym for “racism.”)

“Structural oppression”: Synonym for “we hate capitalism.”

“Hate speech”: Any statement that challenges the dogmas of the left. Usually deployed whenever a conservative is about to win an argument. (See also, “Racism,” above.)

“We need to have a conversation about. . .”: You shut up and agree with the left.

Dialogue: A monologue where the Left explains and the Right agrees.

Living Constitution: The written Constitution is dead.

Compromise: Moving left to the position the left wants.

Public-Private Partnership: A half-baked feel-good proposal doomed to inevitable failure resulting from inept management by government officials with no business experience. Syn: “urban renewal”.

Latinx: What comes before Latiny and Latinz. (Or it’s a long-lost sixth declension form.)

Meritocracy: Racism/white supremacy

Voter Suppression: Elimination of Democrat election fraud.

Divisive: Any opinion the left doesn’t like.

Advocate: People without real jobs who live to complain.

The left: How dare men make law about abortion! Also the left: Men can get pregnant.

From reader “Cicero”—

Free speech: The firebombing of public buildings by Leftists.

Violence: The expression of conservative ideas.

Child: A legal adult under 21 who wants to own a gun.

Adult: A 12-year-old who wants to have his or her genitalia removed

From reader Ralph—

Inflation: the consequence of the federal government spending an insufficient amount of money. Alternative definition: something caused by Vladimir Putin.

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