Fox News legal analyst Jonathan Turley weighed in Tuesday on the latest revelations during the House Jan. 6 hearings about a meeting that went off the rails as Trump advisers discussed efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

The meeting reportedly involved outside Trump advisers pushing 2020 election conspiracy theories and advising that the federal government seize voting machines, suggestions official White House legal advisers were vehemently against.

“I actually thought it was very interesting because Cipollone was very abridged, very narrow, very careful in his remarks. He specifically at one point said I don’t want to say anything that the president said in these meetings, and so he’s trying to hold that line,” began Turley, noting that former Trump White House Counsel Pat Cipollone had yet to drop any major bombshells in his testimony.

“This did not seem to be a gold mine for the committee, and in fact, there were some reports Cipollone was not specifically asked about contradictions that he had with other witnesses but he was trying to keep that careful line. It’s still damaging,” Turley added.

“The account of that meeting and the office is really breathtaking, it’s very disturbing. At one point there was a suggestion there might be fisticuffs, almost like Doctor Strangelove, and ‘no fighting in the war room,’” Turley added, referring to Rep. Jamie Raskin’s (D-MD) description of Trump’s White House advisors clashing in the White House with his outside advisors.

Outside advisers like Sidney Powell, Michael Flynn, and former CEO of Patrick Bryne “were able to speak with the president by himself for some time,” Raskin said. Trump’s official White House were eventually made aware this meeting was happening and the two groups got into a “heated and profane clash.”

Raskin noted the clash involved “personal insults, accusations of disloyalty to the president, and even challenges to physically fight.”

“You are in the Oval Office and people seem to be actually chest-pounding,” Turley added.

“So, this is very disturbing. All of these details should disturb everyone. But the question is what is trying to be achieved here. Are they trying to show they have an actual criminal case, are they trying to amplify the previous narrative,” he concluded.

Watch the full clip above via Fox News

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