Biden economic adviser Jared Bernstein kicked off today’s White House briefing with some weapons-grade gaslighting, and then he handed that baton to WH press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, who immediately ran with it.

Has the Biden White House figured out that too much government spending has helped make inflation far worse? Oh heck no! As a matter of fact, they want to “fix” inflation with trillions in new spending. Jean-Pierre said Biden’s quest for new spending is actually an “anti-inflation bill.” Even better, we’re supposed to believe that because economists who have been wrong about everything else are saying new spending would bring down inflation:

“Anti-inflation bill”? Now they’re just trying way too hard with the branding. This is like a snake oil salesman writing “definitely not snake oil” on the jar.

Jen Psaki sure chose the proper time to bail out of a sputtering White House that’s in a tailspin.



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