My day job is a boring one, and because of that, I try to alleviate the mind-numbing tedium by listening to podcasts. One of those is Bill Whittle’s podcast, which incidentally features Stephen Green and Alfonzo Rachel, both of whom I interviewed on my radio show years ago and who will probably disavow all knowledge of the same. Can’t say that I blame them. Reputations, you know. But enough about me, let’s talk about the long, slow descent of our nation into Dante’s Ninth Circle! That’s always good for a laugh. Or a double Scotch, neat.

On Tuesday’s episode, Bill and ‘Zo were discussing an ad featuring Nicole Kidman’s pitch for us members of the proletariat to begin eating bugs, since they are a more climate-friendly menu item than delicious, juicy beef. As the hosts pointed out, Ms. Kidman will probably never need to resort to Door-Dash bringing her a Daddy Long Legs Surprise or a Praying Mantis Parfait. You and I on the other hand better prepare for arthropod appetizers followed by a Cockroach Roast main course and a flaming fire ant replacement for Cherries Jubilee or Bananas Foster.

And is it just me, or is anyone else seeing an uptick in their social media feed of ads touting ESG investments and similar efforts? I was looking for a YouTube video for a piece I was writing and was greeted with an impressive ad from an augustly-named institute telling me that the idea of having children is an obsolete evolutionary holdover and that it was time to move on. And no, I will not provide the links. I will not send any traffic to those websites. But as Whittle and Rachel point out, we are slowly being conditioned to accept our role as members of a second or third-class proletariat.

Believe it or not, this conditioning has been going on longer than you think. When I was in seventh and eighth grade, my English classes were at times devoted to studying the French Revolution. Even back in the late 70s, my fellow students and I were being taught about how the working class rose up from humble beginnings at a tennis court to storm the Bastille and overthrow an arrogant, thoughtless, and, elitist monarchy. And while the case could certainly be made that Louis XIV and his court needed to be turned out, let us not forget that the revolution sparked by cries of “Liberté, égalité, fraternité!” was quickly forgotten during the bloody Reign of Terror. The chaos that resulted in too many deaths to count would give rise to a dictator who, despite arguably being a military genius, styled himself as Emperor. So the modern seeds of the ersatz revolution we see in America today were being sowed as far back as my years in junior high. I’m 55 now so I’ll let you do the math. And many people have become as conditioned as Pavlov’s dog in a kibble factory next to a cathedral.

And now this is quickly looming on the horizon:

President Occupant, fresh off a disastrous and humiliating tour overseas, desperately needs some sort of win, particularly to assuage an angry base that is still struggling to come to terms with the fact that his administration has experienced abject failure on every front. (Funny, isn’t it? Democrats can never admit that their policies are bad, only that they have been given a lousy hand to play as a result of Donald Trump, or someone—anyone—but them.) Since COVID-19 will probably not produce the groundswell of national terror that the Left is hoping for, they turn to the faithful standby: climate change.

The Washington Post notes that  Biden is mulling over an executive order on climate change, declaring the issue a national emergency. This move is on the heels of Joe Manchin spurning Democrats’ advances to approve an economic package that would allocate around $500 billion to fighting said climate change. They apparently dropped it to $300 billion, but Manchin still said the price is too high given how inflation is gutting the average American’s bank accounts. At the moment, what would be in the order itself is unclear, but emissions appear to be in the crosshairs.

Not that any of these measures would affect Ms. Kidman, Bill Gates, members of Congress, or for that matter, many of the rich people you or I know. Wealthy leftists always find a workaround and still enjoy private jets, oversized mansions, luxury SUVs, and filet mignon. They can afford to do so. You and I can’t. We, unlike the Hollywood, Washington, and Silicon Valley luminaries, will be waiting in the rain/snow/violence for the train or bus and perusing the aisles of our local grocery stores, trying to convince ourselves that grasshopper mash tastes just like New York Strip. But we will get to read about all of the beautiful people and their perfect lives. Oh, to be a Kardashian, now that summer is here!

And what’s more, they see no reason why you should not be perfectly fine with it. MarketWatch reports that Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul purchased millions of dollars of stock in Nvidia prior to a Senate vote to grant tax credits, grants, and other perks to companies that manufacture semiconductors. A spokesperson for her office noted that Nancy does not own any of the stocks. Yeah…so Paul is saving all that money to pay for his DUI offense. Uh-huh. The article goes on to note that Nancy is perfectly fine invoking the free market economy when it suits her and did so in 2021 when she strongly opposed a ban on members of congress trading in securities.

Back in my radio days, I lived in an oil and gas town in Utah. The oil products were so plentiful that I saw places where they were literally seeping up out of the ground. And even then, the small but vocal group of leftists were fighting mightily to abandon oil and gas for the arts. They wanted to turn the town into a poor man’s Park City, which it could be argued is the poor man’s Telluride, which itself may have become the poor man’s Aspen. As for the oil and gas workers, they could trade in their jobs in which they earned hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, which they used to buy homes, send their children to college, and stimulate the local economy, all while powering a nation, for positions in the service sector.  And for the life of them, these people could not understand why the oil and gas workers were not on board.

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The people of Sri Lanka have finally had enough of the rich man’s dog and pony show, and farmers across the world are tired of being told they have to give up their livelihoods so that the one percent can use them to pay for wealthy people’s indulgences. The question remains as to whether or not you will be content to sit in the shadow of your betters and try to enjoy your little cup of bugs, or will you demand accountability from your elected officials and the Hollywood/silicon crowd?

I am not suggesting armed insurrection, but you do have the right to refuse this particularly odious bill of goods. You do have the right to reject the dogma of hypocrites who call for revolution one minute and channel Louis XIV the next. Although France damn near slit its own throat because of its revolution, La Marseille has become an anthem of people who refuse to bow to those who would place a boot on their necks. If you need something good to watch during the next cold, rainy, or snowy Sunday evening, may I suggest Casablanca? There is a scene in Rick’s Café in which the Nazis have gathered around a piano, singing some inane song to the “Fatherland.” But the band strikes up La Marseille and the French ex-pats begin to sing in defiance of the Nazi occupiers.

Vive la France. And long live America.

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