“Welcome to Camp Antifa, where kids learn to check their privilege, hate cops, and lecture you on climate change,” joked Fox News host Jesse Watters on his program Tuesday. The quip was about the very real summer camp happening in Portland next week, which has been held in Portland for years, and on which PJ Media has dutifully reported. Yet, for some reason, the corporate media — even the local Portland media — has ignored the story until now. When local media reported it, PJ Media was left on the cutting room floor.

We’re not going to whine about that too much because it’s unseemly, but Portlander and independent journalist Andy Ngo spotted the disparity and amplified the source — us.

Still, KATU led the story with where parents could sign up their kids for the camp. How very Portland of them.

Parents in Portland, Oregon can now send their kids to a free social justice summer camp founded by anarchists.

A group called Budding Roses, which was founded as a project of the Black Rose/Rosa Negra Anarchist Foundation will hold a free two-week summer camp this month open to students in 4th through 8th grades.

A registration portal indicates students at the camp will explore “social justice issues, youth leadership, arts activism, games, and more!”

We’ve been reporting about this indoctrination camp for years.

In a PJ Media story entitled “Hey, Hey! Ho, Ho! Here’s a Big Reason Why Portland’s Antifa Seems to Have a Never-Ending Supply of Rioters” and in my West Coast, Messed Coast™ weekly column I report, “if you’re wondering where this non-stop flow of Antifa rioters comes from, it turns out they’re growing their own.”

I continued, “The fourth-through-eighth-graders who are invited to the camp are given handbooks of chants to scream at protests, encouraged to start their own protests, shown art techniques on how to tag buildings, and told where all the top riot spots are in the city.”

The kids are taught BLM chants and about raising non-racist food. “Black Lives Matter bromides and ‘black resistance’ techniques are taught in a handy coloring book. ‘Undoing the harm of colonization… by giving back to the earth that gives to you,’ is naturally taught by virtue of encouraging … gardening? ‘With our seed balls, we are going to feed the bees that pollinate our food.’ How is gardening an act of anti-colonization? No idea, but you’re a racist if you don’t get it.”

In my August 2021 report on the Antifa summer camp entitled “Portland’s Head-Shaking Support of Extremist Antifa/BLM Kids Summer Camp Sows the Seeds of Its Own Demise,” I wrote about the city using tax dollars to underwrite the camp.

I told about the camp from a camp counselor’s perspective and culled through the anarchist group’s pedagogical reading list and songbook:

“Come around kids! Welcome to Antifa’s Budding Roses Summer Camp! Let’s get warmed up with a few chants and songs. Open up your ‘Protest and Chant Handbook’! Now turn to the page with the first clenched fist you see,” says the imaginary camp counselor to the middle schoolers arrayed in chairs around him.

The dialogue is imaginary, the summer camp is real.

“Now you middle-schoolers, let’s turn to page 16 of your songbook and chant this old chestnut from way back in 2014”:

The Whole Damn System
Is Guilty as Hell
Indict! Convict!
Put Those Killer Cops in Jail!
The Whole Damn System
Is Guilty as Hell!
The summer camp for fourth to eighth graders is meant to develop future rioters, monkey wrenchers, and chaos creators. 

Alarm bells should have gone off after the Summer of Love, but the city was too busy having a love affair with the camp organizers, who were likely setting fire to the Mark O. Hatfield Federal Courthouse or a police building. The finer points of pepper spray and tear gas are part of the curricula for the little tykes as well. Wonderful.

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In a post I wrote years ago for my own website, I culled through the photos of the camp counselors, artwork, and agenda of the camp, which was held in a church.

Portland’s Professional Protesters™ have raided fur farms, set fire to SUV’s and ski resorts, run companies they didn’t like out of town, threatened people with violence, attacked police officers, pooped on American flags, manufactured IED’s and MolotovCocktails, shot at least one person, and stopped thousands of Oregonians from going – anywhere, shouted down and drowned out people they don’t agree with, and done millions of dollars in damage to the downtown Portland, Oregon area.

Now they’re passing along their bag of tricks to ten-year-old kids.

Indeed, my colleague Jeff Reynolds was so put off by the church hosting the anarchist group that he wrote about it for PJ Media in 2019. Now, after we outed them, the group only gives the location of the camp to registered participants.

So it’s that time of year again, and the story is finally getting the attention it deserves.

“This is an actual real story, Carolla,” said Jesse Watters to podcaster and comedian Adam Carolla on the Fox show Jesse Watters Prime Time on Tuesday.

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Carolla joked, “I think any parent who drops off their kids at [the] camp should immediately be arrested. It could just be a sting operation for horrible parents … this is a way to get the hippy moms off the street.”

“Who’s going to pay?” Carolla continued, “Why would you pay anarchists?”

The city of Portland has, while the institutions in Portland from churches to city hall underwrite these haters to indoctrinate children.

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