The fallacious Dr. Fauci told Politico that he contemplated continuing to hold office leading the NIAID and advising President Biden until the end of “the Biden administration term.” I took that as a rehearsal for retirement. After all, the guy is 81. He is long past his sell-by date and has inflicted incalculable damage on the United States.

Yet Fauci views himself as the indispensable man. He may have to be carried out. Speaking at The Hill’s “Future of Health Care Summit” yesterday, Fauci “said definitively that he is not retiring,” according to The Hill. “I’m not going to retire. No, no, I’m not going to retire. I may step down from my current position at some time,” Fauci told Hill contributing editor Steve Clemons.

Is that definitive? Say it ain’t so, Tony!

It’s a little confusing. He added this clarification: “I said a very innocent but true thing. I said whether it’s Donald Trump or it’s Joe Biden’s second term, I don’t intend to be in my current position in January of 2025.”

Thanks for clearing that up. I think that means he will never give a Republican president the satisfaction of firing him.

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