During remarks in Massachusetts outlining executive actions the White House would put into play to skirt Congress’s failure to address the climate “emergency,” President Biden told a story about oil on the windshield causing cancer — including his cancer:

Biden’s comments prompted this tweet from RNC Research:

Quoting Biden verbatim? Oh no they didn’t! Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler immediately sprang into action:

Remember to keep in mind that the White House doctor’s report said Biden’s previous non-malignant skin cancer was caused by sun exposure. Also present and past tense would probably make a difference if Trump said something like this.

The “fact-check” standards are a little looser for Democrats, but you already know that.

We’re pretty sure if Trump made any claim the “fact-checkers” would immediately point out the important difference between “had” and “have.” Also can we maybe get a fact-check on Biden blaming oil for his previous non-malignant skin cancer that the White House doctor said was caused by too much sun?

If any media outlet fact-checked Biden on that the conclusion would likely be “there’s really no way to actually prove how Biden got skin cancer.”

As they often are forced to do, the White House had to “clarify” Biden’s comment:

Can they also clarify that Biden thinks he got skin cancer from oil instead of too much sun exposure?

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