Fox News host Jesse Watters shredded President Joe Biden’s climate announcement yesterday; Watters says Biden is giving off some serious ‘boy who cried wolf’ vibes.

Watters also ripped into climate czar John Kerry and global warming alarmists.

Watch the clip above. Excerpts below.

JESSE WATTERS: If Joe thinks this is going to win him voters, he’s dumber than we thought. There’s a reason America rejected Bernie twice. Only 1% of people say global warming is a concern. One percent. Certain parts of the world will get a tiny bit warmer, but the United States will be just fine. We’re getting a lot of “the boy who cried wolf” vibes now. 

In 1971, experts told the Washington Post that a new ice age would be here in the next 50 years. Well, it’s 51 years later and it’s hot and sunny here in New York. In 1989, the U.N. warned that rising seas would obliterate nations if global warming wasn’t reversed by the year 2000. Has Japan gone underwater like Atlantis? No.

In 2004, the Pentagon told Bush that climate change is a bigger threat than terrorism, and Britain would feel like Siberia by 2020. Got it. If any of this was as dire as it sounded, climate czar John Kerry wouldn’t be flying all around the globe in his flying squirrel, the private jet, that has emitted over 300 metric tons of carbon since Biden appointed him.

That’s 20 times more than what you and I produce in just two years, but when you’re a snob and think you’re better than everybody, you do whatever you want. 

Biden shared his executive actions on Twitter, saying climate change is a ‘clear and present’ danger.

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