That was fast.

Shortly after White House officials announced President Biden tested positve for COVID, Twitter started in with the ‘President Harris’ tweets; some interesting reactions below.

“A 79 year old man with covid and possibly cancer is the only thing that separates us from a President Harris.”

“PRESIDENT KAMALA HARRIS: And we mourn President Biden. We show our mourning through engaging in the activities, things that Americans do when we show our grief. We do those things to mourn and also to celebrate his life. All of that, and, yes, and that’s what we have to consider.”

“President Harris is inevitable at this point. Biden said he had cancer yesterday, today he has Covid. He fell off a bike 2 weeks ago. It feels like he’s a character in Final Destination.”

One Twitter users was more concered about Biden’s sense of smell.

“If he loses his sense of smell he’ll be devastated”

“President Harris would somehow be worse than President Biden. Scary times we’re living in.”

“Reports are that Joe Biden has COVID. Wishing him a quick recovery. The United States cannot handle one single day with President Harris in office.”

“Can you imagine the speeches from a President Harris? ‘We have gathered here today, because we are gathered here, and today is not yesterday, but today is today, and that is why we are gathered’ and then the maniacal cackle and the the up and down head shake”

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