New York City’s homeless shelters have been overflowing for years, so hearing about a lack of beds for the homeless is nothing new. But the situation has grown even more desperate over the past year and New York’s Mayor Eric Adams has been raising complaints with the White House. Busloads of illegal immigrants continue to show up in the Big Apple, with the migrants simply being dumped off onto the streets. And many of these people have no ties to New York. Those without friends or relatives in the area to help them out and without resources of their own to draw upon often wind up at the city’s homeless shelters, exacerbating a problem that was already out of control before they began arriving. Adams would like this policy to end, but the White House apparently isn’t listening. (New York Post)

Some of the migrants who Mayor Eric Adams says are overloading the city’s homeless shelters have no ties to the Big Apple — but were still directed here by President Biden’s administration, The Post has learned.

Outside a city Department of Homeless Services intake center in The Bronx, Veronica Prada, 28, said Wednesday that she, her husband and their four kids left their native Venezuela on April 26 and crossed the US-Mexico border into San Antonio, Texas, on July 11.

They were greeted by Border Patrol agents who took them and other migrants to a processing facility where immigration officials gave the family information on how to apply for asylum and an Aug. 23 appointment with an immigration lawyer in The Bronx, although Prada told The Post she and her husband didn’t ask to go to New York.

At Townhall, our colleague Julio Rosas points out that New York City is under a “right to shelter” mandate that was established under the de Blasio administration. That means that any illegal migrants presenting themselves to the police or other city officials are automatically entitled to a space in a shelter. (As opposed to being detained and deported as you might expect in a more sane world.) Almost 3,000 asylum seekers have entered the city’s shelter system in the first six months of this year. But that system was already at or near capacity on most nights.

Adams is also trying to pin the blame on the governors of Texas and Arizona. It’s true that both of those states have been loading up buses with migrants and sending them to other places inside the country, but they don’t all go to New York City. Far more of them are being sent to DC as a message to the President. The majority of migrants are shipped out by the federal government on secretive nighttime flights, many of which arrive at two different airports in New York.

As a result, Adams has been requesting federal assistance to set up additional housing to host the migrants. But it doesn’t sound like he’s getting any tangible aid. When White House Press Secretary Katrine Jean-Pierre was asked about it this week, all she said was the people from Biden’s staff have “been in touch” with the Mayor’s office, but offered no additional details. Meanwhile, the problem has grown too far out of control for people to ignore. Writing at the New York Post, Todd Bensman reminds us that this is happening in more places than just New York City and the current attempts at blameshifting should fall on deaf ears. There’s really only one person to blame for this situation and everyone knows who it is.

Big-city Democratic mayors such as New York’s Eric Adams and DC’s Muriel Bowser have realized, suddenly, that illegal immigrants are straining their social safety nets.

They’re accusing Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, but there’s only one person to blame: President Biden.

It was only ever the Biden government that did this, starting on inauguration day 2021, with radical policies gutting detention and deportation. They unleashed a mass migration crisis far beyond anything in the American experience, one that has utterly smashed every single illegal immigration record on the books.

The current situation is unsustainable. It remains impossible to fit ten pounds of sand in a five-pound bag, but that’s what the Biden administration is attempting to do. The Border Patrol is reporting more than 200,000 “encounters” with illegal migrants per month right now. To avoid the bad optics of the border crisis with the midterm elections approaching, Biden is having this human wave shipped off to cities around the country. Then they are unceremoniously dumped off and they become “someone else’s problem.” As a result, even some of Biden’s Democratic Party allies who are running these cities have grown fed up with him. This problem will not go away on its own and Joe Biden should be held accountable for the results.

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