Behold: the latest book in the illustrious Babylon Bee Guide series, The Babylon Bee Guide to Democracy! This bad boy comes out September 6, but you can preorder it now on Amazon or right here in The Babylon Bee Store! What?! You can give us soon-to-be-worthless Federal Reserve notes that aren’t even backed by gold in exchange for 250 pages of hilarity? It’s true!

This book is packed with tons of custom illustrations that are guaranteed to make you chuckle, or at very least shake your head with a wry smile on your face and say, “Oh, those Babylon Bee fellows. Quite witty, they are. Quite witty, yes, indeed!”

Features include:

  • A guide to rigging elections
  • Combat moves for destroying your political opponents
  • A complete history of America (abridged)
  • A guide to the four branches of government: legislative, executive, judicial, and corporate
  • A 100% accurate list of all your constitutional rights from the right to own an M1 Abrams tank to the right to remain awesome
  • Various drawings of Nicolas Cage
  • Discussion questions for reading with your church small group
  • And tens more!

Now guffaw at these excerpts:

Once you are finished guffawing, be a good consumer and purchase:

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