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In today’s podcast, I discuss an interview that I conducted with Dr. Jane Ruby yesterday, in which we explored early data from new laboratory test results that analyze the elemental composition of the post-vaccine clots that are being pulled out of the bodies of the dead.

These new results — to be officially released next week with the interview — were derived from ICP-MS analysis (mass spec) in our ISO-accredited laboratory.

In this analysis, we compared the elemental composition of the clots to human blood. We found several things that are rather shocking: (somebody alert Steve Kirsch, as he needs to incorporate these data into his own understanding of what’s killing people)

#1) The post-vaccine clots are not made of blood

It’s clear from the elemental composition that the clots are not made of blood. Thus, they are not “blood clots.” For example, in our human blood sample, magnesium (Mg) was at 35 ppm, while in the clot, magnesium was only 1.7 ppm.

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Similarly, in human blood, iron (Fe) was measured at 462 ppm while it was 20.6 ppm in the clot.

All results are derived using ICP-MS where our Limit of Detection (LoD) for most elements is below 1 ppb, and Limit of Quantitation (LoQ) is around 1-2 ppb, depending on the element.

(Note: These are rounded numbers and not the official reporting of the results. We will release PDF files next week with the actual numbers from the instrument, which are expressed with more significant digits.)

#2) The clot was very low in key elements that would be expected to be seen in living biological tissue

In addition to being low in magnesium and iron, the clot was extremely low in potassium (K) and calcium (Ca). It was also lower in trace minerals such as copper (Cu) and zinc (Zn).

This indicates the clots are not human tissue, and they are not simply blood vessel material, either. This ICP-MS analysis eliminates these alternative explanations for what could be causing the clots.

#3) Electrically conductive elements were higher in the clot material

Surprisingly, the clot was found to be higher in certain elements that are electrically conductive. For example, tin (Sn) was found to be nearly six times higher in the clot compared to human blood. (943 ppb vs. 162 ppb). Tin is commonly used in solder to connect circuits on circuit boards.

In addition, both aluminum (Al) and sodium (Na) were higher in the clot. Both are conductive metals. (Yes, sodium is an alkali metal. It is highly conductive.)

Correction note: In the podcast and the video, I mistakenly stated that the tin numbers were ppm rather than ppb. The error stemmed from the fact that the semi-quant analysis from the ICP-MS reporting system does not use the same units all the way through, which is the way the normal full quant reporting works. In my preliminary review of the numbers listen on a spreadsheet (which is not the final PDF report that we will release), I assumed the semi-quant report was mg/L but it was actually reporting ug/L, and the units change from element to element, which is easy to miss with a preliminary look at the report. Apologies for the error, but the important point is about the ratios of the element in the clot vs. blood, not necessarily the absolute values. The ratios are correct.

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Dr. Jane Ruby interview and official results to be publicly released next week

Next week we will be releasing several things related to this:

  1. The full interview with Dr. Jane Ruby, analyzing these new data and findings.
  2. PDF reports of the ICP-MS test results (full quant) so you can see the elemental composition of the clots vs. human blood.
  3. Additional microscopy of the clot in its post-nitric acid digestion status, showing blackened (oxidized) striations that appeared when we were prepping the clot for ICP-MS analysis by subjecting it to nitric acid.

We are releasing all this publicly in the hopes that other investigative groups can help make sense of all this. In particular La Quinta Columna is doing excellent work on this front, and we hope this ICP-MS investigation adds to their overall understanding of what these clots really are (and how they are being made in the body).

In summary, it is clear that:

  • The clots are NOT blood clots.
  • They are self-assembling. They get larger in the body and add to their aggregate size. This does not mean they are “alive,” and we doubt they have their own organs. They do not appear to be parasites. Rather, they self-assemble through some unknown mechanism.
  • They are not made of human flesh or tissues that reflect the elemental ratios of macro minerals and trace minerals that we would expect to see in human tissue.
  • They seem to harvest electrically conductive elements from circulating blood and incorporate these elements into their own biostructures, resulting in higher concentrations of these elements (Al, Sn, Na) compared to human blood.

We are all still trying to make sense of this, as this is nothing like we’ve ever seen before, and we’ve analyzed tens of thousands of food samples over the years, including flesh-based foods (dog food, cat food) and meat products such as chicken, beef and pork. We have also analyzed thousands of human hair samples. We’ve never encountered this before.

More news to follow next week, with new microscopy analysis. Stay tuned to for the exclusive details.

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