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The Office for National Statistics (ONS), a government agency in England, published data on deaths by vaccination status in England just as Prime Minister Boris Johnson was set to resign, so the mainstream (fake news) media there could run cover. For every 100,000 kids aged 10 to 14 who were FULLY VACCINATED in England, over 40 died from Covid-19.

That’s a negative effectiveness rate against death of minus 13,633 percent among the triple-vaxxed kids and early teens, but that’s not all. The ONS failed to publish the death rate for children under 10 years young, obviously because that was most likely even MORE shocking.

England‘s government health agencies stopped publishing vax status because death rates were skyrocketing for fully vaccinated teens and kids

There’s no more obvious realm of data cherry picking than that of vaccine-induced injuries and vaccine-induced deaths. This has never been more evident than right now with the COVID-19 death stabs, also known as protein prion injections or mRNA. We’ve seen this data and clinical trial manipulation and censoring with polio jabsMMR recordsseasonal (mercury-laced) flu shots, and now the deadly “clot shots” for the Fauci Flu.

Did you know that more Americans have died from seasonal influenza (the flu) AFTER getting vaccinated for it, than deaths from Ebola? The flu shot also blinds and paralyzes some of its victims, and caused more deaths than any other vaccine until… wait for it… the COVID jabs.

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Now the vaccine industrial complex in England and the USA are running mass cover for all the deaths caused by the Wuhan clot shots, especially now that teens and children are getting injected with billions of toxic, virus-mimicking prions that cause cardiovascular events (myocarditis, heart attacks and strokes), severe allergic reactions, AIDS and ADE.

Whenever government agencies are all but forced to release negative information about vaccine-induced injuries and vaccine-induced deaths, they coordinate with the mass media on the timing so the naïve populace will only pay attention to some other “smoke and mirror” news that has nothing to do with it.

COVID-19 jabs are now proven by data to be unsafe, ineffective, dangerous and deadly

This was the case in England as the MSM flooded the news with reports of Boris Johnson resigning while they released statistics on children and teens dying in droves (from COVID-19 or just the jabs themselves) after getting injected with experimental clot shots that have never been proven safe or effective. These new reports, in fact, prove just the opposite, that COVID-19 jabs are unsafe, ineffective, dangerous and deadly.

Seek the truth by viewing the data and science-backed research, especially when it comes to vaccines. Even though Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson engage in nefarious activities, research and botch their own clinical trials, the truth is coming out about their vaccine-induced injuries and vaccine-induced deaths from the Fauci Flu stabs.

Everyone is at risk from dying from Covid-19 vaccines, whether you are a senior citizen, parent, young adult athlete, military member, celebrity, teen, child, toddler, baby, or fetus in your mommy’s belly. Beware of those lethal jabs, that have NEVER been proven “safe and effective,” as it’s all been on big population reduction con.

Stay tuned to truth media, independent news, and Natural Health News for more information that’s released about COVID-19 death stabs causing carnage around the world. Never trust the CDC, FDA or WHO. They want everyone sick and dying, and the “medicine” they recommend is the vehicle for all of that.

Bookmark to your favorite independent websites for updates on experimental “vaccines” that cause blood clots, myocarditis and severe, chronic inflammation.

Sources for this article include:

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