Saddat Johnson, 27, wasn’t lovin’ it at McDonald’s. Employees got his order wrong. So he got back in line at the drive-thru, brandished a gun at them, and demanded they get it right the second time.

The shaken employees asked him to pull ahead and park and told him they’d get right on it. What they really did was call the cops.

As officers from the Unified Police Dept. of Greater Salt Lake, Utah, were attempting to arrest the non-compliant Johnson, he reportedly ordered his four-year-old son to shoot them, the investigation shows, though it’s not on the tape released by police.

A police officer is said to have knocked the gun upward (not seen in this video) as the kid fired a round that went into the awning of a nearby restaurant. He received a minor injury. Police pulled their guns, soon realized a child was firing, and began yelling “Kid, kid, kid!”

This all happened in February, but police recently released the harrowing video.


  • Father of the Year Johnson waved a gun at drive-thru workers because they got his burger order wrong.
  • He resisted arrest.
  • He left his gun where his son could reach it
  • The four-year-old somehow knew how to handle the gun????

All of this with a three-year-old also in the car.

The four-year-old told cops, “I grabbed my dad’s gun and tried to shoot the police so he could be free and do what he wanted.”

Daddy was not free to do what he wanted. He was given a 120-day sentence for charges of “child abuse or neglect” and aggravated assault, both third-degree felonies. He is no longer allowed to own a gun. He will also face three years of probation and have to attend anger management classes.

“I would like to apologize for my actions on that day,” Johnson stated in court. “It was a very stupid mistake that I should have never made.”

You can watch the video here.

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