A heckler shouted something that many Americans are thinking these days – Joe Biden is the worst president ever. The heckler shouted his opinion to First Lady Jill Biden, though, so his action is noteworthy. It is not normal for Jill Biden to experience a hostile welcome when she travels.

A man was clearly angered over gas prices and wanted Jill Biden to know. Jill Biden was in Connecticut as part of a three-state trip focused on summer learning. The heckling incident happened as Biden and Education Secretary Miguel Cardona exited an SUV and entered a building in New Haven. They were meeting with Governor Ned Lamont, a Democrat, in New Haven.

“Your husband is the worst president we ever had. You owe us gas money,” an unnamed man yelled at her during the exchange.

“Thank you! Thank you for your support. Thank you!” she shot back politely while waving at nearby bystanders.

“You suck,” another man added.

The first lady proceeded to walk into a nearby building, seemingly brushing aside the encounter. Lamont later shared photos of his visit with the first lady on the summer learning tour, including a trip to an ice cream shop.

You can see that Biden does her best to pretend the heckler isn’t criticizing her husband. Secretary Cardona is smiling and rolling with it. Anger over gas prices is something the little people have, right, Secretary Cardona? Gas prices and inflation are two of the top issues for voters this year as we approach November and the midterm elections. Americans are angry and they are blaming Joe Biden for their frustrations with rising prices and inflation wiping out any wage increases they may receive.

The price of gas at the pump is slowly coming down.

Gas prices have been steadily declining since hitting a record high of more than $5 last month, but remain 39 percent higher than they were a year ago, a difference of more than $2 per gallon.

The average price of gas remains above $5 in seven states, with California maintaining the highest average at $5.75. All but eight states had an average price above $4 per gallon.

Still, gas prices have dropped as crude oil prices have been declining in recent weeks amid weakening demand.

Recent data showed that U.S. gasoline demand had dropped nearly 8 percent from a year earlier in the midst of the peak summer driving season, as high prices spur drivers to cut back on mileage.

West Texas Intermediate Crude closed at $95.09 per barrel on Friday, down 1.3 percent for the session and well below last month’s peaks of more than $120.

The dirty little secret is that the Biden administration is happy with high gas prices. They want American drivers to feel the pain at the pump as they fill up their gas tanks, thinking it will speed up purchases of electric vehicles. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg admitted as much recently. Biden came into office hellbent to destroy the fossil fuels industry and has done everything he can to keep that plan in place ever since. Never mind that the power grid in our country is nowhere near ready to handle the kind of increased demands for electricity that widespread use of electric vehicles will create. Most Americans cannot afford electric vehicles, as they are more expensive. People are trying to find extra money in their household budgets to compensate for higher grocery prices and gas prices, along with rising rent and mortgage payments. They aren’t shopping for $60,000 electric cars.

It was a little surprising to read that Jill Biden was heckled by randos on the street. Connecticut is a blue state. Democrats love to praise her for being a working first lady and for her “Dr.” title. She certainly doesn’t get the treatment that Melania Trump experienced, either in the press or at events. For example, there was that time that almost 300 nurses and other medical professionals protested Melania’s visit to a Boston hospital. She was there for a “Be Best” event and to praise the hospital for their program to treat babies born opioid-dependent due to their drug-dependent mothers. The hospital workers held Melania responsible for Trump’s policies, including his immigration policies. The hospital has a baby cuddling program where volunteers come in and hold babies to comfort them, freeing up medical staff for other duties. Melania was known for visiting schools and hospitals during her travels domestically and abroad. Her focus was on children and babies.

Jill Biden is compared to Edith Wilson in this administration. She appears to be aggressively ambitious. She may find it more difficult to pretend that all is well as Americans continue to grow more dissatisfied in their daily lives, thanks to the policies put in place by her husband’s administration. Joe shows no interest in correcting the course the country is on.

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