Senator Joe Manchin has tested positive for COVID.

So you know people are reaching out to the good senator from West Virginia, wishing him a speedy recovery, sending him their thoughts and prayers … ok, so we are totally kidding and you probably knew that from the get-go. Man, there are some nasty mofos on Twitter, and maybe these people were always this nasty and we just didn’t know it because there wasn’t a tech giant enabling and even encouraging their behavior.

Biden announced he had COVID, and the only jokes we saw were people on the Right telling him to PLEASE get better because they didn’t want Kamala.

Nothing like this garbage:

Tell us you don’t know what EOs Biden signed when he first took office without telling us you don’t know what EOs Biden signed.

And zero class.


It’s astonishing how little people know about Manchin’s actual job serving his state. Do they not realize energy is huge in W. Virginia? They probably don’t know that Manchin also has nearly a 60% approval rating … it always seems like the people who really hate him don’t live in his state.

Crazy, right?

‘Not just cis women need abortions’ … woof.


We are seeing this meme floating around on Twitter more and more.

There’s probably a good reason for that.


We wish Joe a speedy recovery.



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