Abortion activists exploited a pregnant 10-year-old girl to make a case that abortion is a national issue, not a state’s rights issue. As it turns out, the girl’s rapist is an illegal immigrant and he has been indicted by a grand jury in Ohio on two counts of felony rape.

Gerson Fuentes, who is 27 years old, was indicted Thursday by a grand jury in Franklin County, Ohio, on two counts of felony rape. Though the girl was 10 years old when she was given a medical abortion, she was 9 years old when he raped and impregnated her. Fuentes has confessed to raping her at least twice. Franklin County Municipal Court Judge Cynthia Ebner set Fuentes’ bail at $2 million. Fuentes is considered a possible flight risk and a danger to the child.,

We have written about this case several times here. It’s a horrible story. Initially, the story was received with much skepticism. It was reported by the Indianapolis Star using only one source and it involved the hot-button issue of abortion. That didn’t stop Joe Biden from including the story in a speech he delivered at the White House to trash the Supreme Court’s decision in the Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health case. Fuentes was arrested, and the child’s mother is trying to cover for him. It is unclear if she, too, is an illegal immigrant. Apparently Fuentes lives in the same house so there is some kind of relationship going on. The girl identified Fuentes as her assaulter six days before he was arrested.

The case received international attention. That was the point of originally publicizing it. Abortion activists wanted to paint lawmakers in Ohio as monsters for legislation restricting abortions in the state. The story is that the girl had to travel to the neighboring state of Indiana for an abortion. This is not the truth, however. The child could have received the abortion in Ohio all along. Abortion activists wanted to make the point that women now have to travel to get abortions if their state doesn’t provide them. We get it. However, this child was put through the unnecessary stress of travel to make a point and that is exploitive.

The rapes allegedly took place between January 1 and May 12, 2022, according to the indictment.

Authorities became aware of the girl’s pregnancy in late June through a referral by a local children’s services department that was made by the child’s mother, Huhn testified. Columbus police were alerted on June 22 and began their investigation the same day.

On June 30, the girl underwent a medical abortion in Indianapolis, Hunh testified. Indianapolis-based OB-GYN Dr. Caitlin Bernard confirmed to CNN earlier this month that she recently helped a 10-year-old girl have an abortion in Indiana after a child abuse doctor in Ohio reached out to her. The young girl was six weeks and three days into the pregnancy, Bernard told CNN.

Police obtained DNA from the clinic where the child underwent the abortion and it was being tested against samples from Fuentes and the child’s siblings, Hunh said last week.

There are siblings. How many are there and have any of them been raped or abused?

The OB-GYN in Indianapolis is an abortion activist who has a history of attending rallies in support of abortion and speaking out in favor of access to abortion. That is her right, of course, and it speaks to how she probably ended up being the doctor who treated this child. Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita questioned if the doctor filed the proper disclosures in the required timeframe. She did.

As I said, the girl’s trip to Indiana was not necessary. Ohio Attorney General David Yost said that if the girl had become pregnant, Ohio law would not prevent her from having an abortion.

The girl’s story made national news after an Indiana abortion doctor told the Indianapolis Star that a child abuse doctor in Ohio had referred the girl to her because Ohio law wouldn’t allow the young girl to get an abortion. Ohio Attorney General David Yost, when previously expressing skepticism about the story, said that if the girl had become pregnant, Ohio law would not prevent her from having an abortion.

There are exceptions to Ohio’s abortion law.

An explainer issued by Ohio AG Dave Yost’s office Thursday said there are three exemptions to the state’s heartbeat law that bans abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected, approximately six weeks into a pregnancy and before many women know they are pregnant.

Yost says there are three exemptions to the abortion ban:

Cases of ectopic pregnancy
Cases that would cause death of the mother
Cases that cause a serious risk of substantial, irreversible impairment to a major bodily function of the mother

At least the child’s rapist is in jail and will be held accountable for his crimes against her. There are still some questions, though. Is the mother living in this country legally? What about her family? Will she continue to stand by the rapist? As I said, it’s a horrible story all the way around. I hope the child gets the help she will need going forward.

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