“Do Harris’ people really have so little confidence in their boss,” Jazz asked this morning, “that they don’t see any serious career opportunities with her?” Not only is that answer apparently yes, the American people largely concur — thanks in large part to Harris’ continuing incompetence at making a public argument.

This is a good example. In trying to make a case for pushing abortion-rights legislation, Harris ends up making fertility and motherhood sound like a public health emergency:

Even the argument Harris attempts to make refutes itself. The Dobbs decision returned the issue to legislatures; it didn’t make abortion illegal. There’s no contradiction in pursuing legal abortion through legislative action. The problem that Harris and other Democrats face is that their extreme policy of unrestricted abortion under all circumstances is not at all popular with the public (and for that matter, neither is the GOP’s near-total ban on it). Democrats didn’t just try to reinstate Roe in May pre-emptively after the leak of the Dobbs decision, after all. They attempted to federalize the abortion issue, remove all restrictions up to the moment of birth, and to strip medical providers of any conscience protections. Legislatures will likely pass first-trimester legalizations along with sharp restrictions on anything else, which Harris will then also treat as a “real issue” despite its democratic foundation.

This argument is as incoherent as another making the rounds on Twitter today. Describing a “full-on attack on freedom and liberty,” Harris makes a strange disclosure about telling her staff to draw her a Venn diagram to analyze it. Apparently, drawing circles on a piece of paper reveals something to Harris, but she doesn’t get around to explaining what it is:

Ahem. Venn diagrams do not lend themselves to this kind of subjective analysis in the first place. Venn diagrams use objective-measure data sets to compare for overlap when used properly. Anyone can make up subjective data sets in order to claim a “huge intersection” for whatever purpose they like, but drawing circles on pages doesn’t make it a scientific or objective-measure exercise. If Harris really did instruct her staff to conduct such an exercise, small wonder they’ve lost confidence in her.

It’s also amusing that Harris volunteers this observation without discussing the outcome in any detail. If they did draw Spirograph circles on a page, would Harris even comprehend its meaning? She certainly didn’t seem to know enough to discuss it, let alone share the diagram.

All of these fumbles do serve one purpose, though. They remind Americans to pray for Joe Biden’s health through January 2025, and for replacements at the White House from that point forward.

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