For those who missed it the first time Gawker was sued out of existence, you might get a chance to see it happen again. Yesterday the site published a story titled “Losers Pal Around at Alex Jones Film Premiere.”

University of Austin professor Thomas Chatterton Williams had a busy night in Austin, Texas this past Saturday. The Harper’s letter author took a break from teaching these boys about Black male autobiography to snap some Instagram Stories from the premiere of Alex’s War, a documentary about Alex Jones’s years-long crusade to find out why Richard Linklater stopped casting him in movies…

Chatterton Williams has had some trouble with friends in the past, so it’s great that he has found a community of like-minded companions. To borrow the words of Alex’s War fan Ariel Pink, the chillwave pioneer who was just “peacefully showing support for [his] president” on Jan. 6, we are “so fucking proud.”

Gawker is targeting Williams because he’s the wrong kind of person. They mention the Harper’s letter which he co-authored. That was a letter aimed at rejecting cancel culture and while it was signed by a number of people on the left (Noam Chomsky and Gloria Steinem) it was also signed by several people the left loves to hate including J.K. Rowling, Jesse Singal and Bari Weiss. The story also knocks Williams for his connection to the University of Austin which is an as-yet-uncredited university launched by Bari Weiss with the goal of fighting back of the tide of left-wing cancel culture.

All of that to say, Williams was already paling around with bad people so putting him at a film premiere for Alex Jones was just more proof he’s a bad guy. There was just one problem with the story. Thomas Chatterton Williams wasn’t at the premiere.

That second tweet is a reference to Anna Khachiyan who runs a podcast called Red Scare. She was posting pictures on Instagram about Austin and, in the midst of that, posted an older photo of Williams taken in New York. The Gawker “reporter” apparently saw this photo and assumed Williams was present at the premiere in Austin.

Williams added that he was getting some unsolicited advice about possibly taking legal action against Gawker. He says he’s inclined to pursue it, especially since Gawker’s editor has stated previously that they are targeting him.

Eventually, Gawker added and update to the story:

The entire story was only three paragraphs in the first place so given that they were wrong about Williams being there the whole thing really ought to be retracted. Finally, Williams notes that even the update didn’t fix all of the errors in the first line of the story. I guess we’ll see if Gawker has second thoughts and pulls this story down but as I write this it’s still up. Last word from Jesse Singal who sums it up nicely.

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