Seems fishy. Do perps who traffic minors to pedos usually get assigned to a low-security prison? Or is it only those pimps who have access to vast fortunes and who have lots of international connections who get low-security assignments? Jeffrey Epstein’s former girlfriend and pimp Ghislaine Maxwell qualifies as the latter, apparently:

Maxwell, who was sentenced last month to 20 years behind bars for recruiting and grooming young women to have sex with financier Jeffrey Epstein, has been sent to the low-security Federal Correctional Institution in Tallahassee, according to the federal Bureau of Prisons. …

Maxwell, who was once on a first-name basis with some of the most powerful men in the world, including former Presidents Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, is now registered as an inmate, and her official release date is July 17, 2037, according to the Bureau of Prisons’ inmate locator.

While Maxwell won’t be doing hard time with prisoners convicted of violent felonies, she will be spending most of her time either in a spartan cell or in a dormitory with other inmates, according to the official prison handbook.

Well, why isn’t she serving time with violent felons? Statutory rape and sex trafficking of minors belongs more in that class of crimes rather than wire fraud and insider-trading violations. Those felons usually are serving much shorter sentences, too. How unusual is it for a 20-year sentence to be served at this facility? Let’s take a look at one particular passage from the handbook, on the educational opportunities it affords the inmates assigned to the facility:


Due to the short term nature of the Federal Detention Center, educational opportunities are limited at this facility. You will be able to enroll in more comprehensive programs once you reach your designated facility. Leisure reading materials are available in each unit. A staff member from the Education Department restocks books and magazines once per week. Inmates may request specific materials by submitting an Inmate Request to Staff Member form to the Education Department.

The “short term nature” of this prison includes 20-year sentences?

It’s still a prison, of course, but it’s got some pretty easy ways to pass the time, as Newsmax reports:

The prison, opened in 1938, has about 820 male and female inmates. According to an inmate handbook, people locked up at the facility have access to a wide range of classes and activities, including painting, leather, art and ceramics, musical instruments, team sports such as softball, basketball and volleyball.

The prison also offers yoga, Pilates, movies and an inmate talent show, according to prison consulting firm Zoukis Consulting Group.

This seems like a very strange assignment in a number of ways, not the least of which is Maxwell’s flight risk if she manages to evade prison. Maxwell has more resources that most federal inmates — heck, more than most people — to disappear if she manages to get to the outside. If she was serving a two-year sentence, an escape clearly wouldn’t be worth the risk, but Maxwell’s earliest release date is in fifteen years when she’ll be in her 70s, assuming she lives that long. Furthermore, the nature of her crimes is hardly the kind of “white collar” offenses that usually get a Club Fed assignment, too.

If nothing else, this looks like a decision made to keep Maxwell happy. Why would that matter? It might matter to some of Epstein’s pals who participated in the sex trafficking and could find themselves facing civil and/or criminal trials if Maxwell started talking. Perhaps this is all smoke and no fire, but the process by which Maxwell got this plum assignment to a Club Fed artist colony needs some scrutiny, ASAP.

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