Rep. Eric Swalwell thought this was a smart tweet and hashtag … of course, the out-of-touch, privileged FangBanger was wrong but we suppose we should thank him for more Twitchy fodder. He and AOC keep us very busy.

Case in point:

Gosh, Eric, it must be nice to make so much money that $4 gas seems ‘low’ to you.

Oh, and it’s still nearly $6 a gallon on average in his home state so yeah, this is REALLY dumb coming from him. But what else would we expect?

And yadda yadda yadda, this didn’t go well for the guy who broke wind on national television.

Nope, not at all.

A privileged, entitled cult.


Yes, yes he can be this stupid. We see it firsthand most every day.


Wonder if she’s enjoying these low low gas prices?

And then, of course, conservatives are taking over the tag.


Hey, they keep voting for the idgit.

You’d think even Swalwell would know by now that he’s going to lose these things … every time.

And fin.



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