VP Kamala Harris announced that gas prices have dropped over the last six weeks, the fastest drop in over a decade. Not included in her tweet? The reason they’re so high in the first place.

Well, that’s great and all, but can we talk about how gas prices got so high in the first place? We know this administration would like us to think it’s the fault of Vladimir Putin, or the “greedy” oil corporations, or the gas station owners, or even occasionally the pandemic. They’ve been rotating these excuses for months now, relying on their pals in the mainstream media to dutifully parrot and amplify everything but their own incompetence and mismanagement of America’s abundant natural energy resources.

The truth is, this administration actually campaigned on shutting down America’s energy independence and are doing everything they can to make good on that promise. They’re just hoping the average citizen won’t connect those dots.

It doesn’t seem to be working:

Trying to take credit for fixing a crisis they created is very on par for the Biden administration.

Neither have we.

Harris’s promise to continue to fight for lower costs would ring a lot less hollow if they took practical, long-term actions to achieve that goal. But they won’t.

Well played, Senator Blackburn. Well played.

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