As Twitchy reported Monday, Democratic strategist Aaron Parnas was saying that Gov. Ron DeSantis had not yet condemned a gathering of about ten or so Nazis outside a Turning Point USA summit in Florida. These were the kind of Nazis whose Nazi flags were still creased from being taken out of the packaging. Again, this was a tiny group, but it caught the attention of the ladies of “The View.” Whoopi Goldberg had to backtrack a little and clarify that the Nazis weren’t physically in the building … she was being metaphorical, suggesting that they were representative of the people inside. They were “in the mix,” so to speak. Watch how she weasels out of this.

“Turning Point 100% condemns those ideologies in the strongest of terms.”

The same Whoopi who was suspended over her comments about the Holocaust?

This is the best TPUSA will get … a “retraction” that wasn’t even a retraction. But it will be good enough for ABC.


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