As Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ spokeswoman and press secretary, Christina Pushaw spends much of her time pushing back against tiresome and false narratives about her boss. Notably, a number of these narratives are created perpetuated by the Washington Post.

Here are just a few examples of what she’s had to deal with from WaPo:

Basically, WaPo has a pattern of coming after DeSantis and Pushaw with knives only to come face to face with DeSantis and Pushaw’s guns. And apparently they’ve decided that enough is enough and that it’s time to dial their anti-Pushaw push up to 11:

Paul Farhi’s piece is a pretty long one, but we’ll try and pull out a few choice bits:

It’s on Twitter that Pushaw becomes combative, frequently insulting those who cover DeSantis. She routinely refers to reporters as “churnalists.” She calls the Orlando Sentinel “the Slantinel” and the Associated Press “American Pravda.” When the South Florida Sun Sentinel laid off several newsroom employees in early July, Pushaw tweeted: “Those journalists who were so quick to declare millions of Americans’ livelihoods as ‘nonessential’ should not expect sympathy from those Americans when their own newspapers declare their journalism jobs ‘nonessential.’ ”

Last summer, Pushaw waged an intense campaign against the Associated Press over an article about the governor’s promotion of a covid-19 treatment manufactured by a company in which one of his top campaign donors has invested millions of dollars.

Over five days, Pushaw rebuked the story and its reporter 122 times on Twitter, and retweeted or liked dozens of others who attacked it. The barrage triggered death threats and online abuse aimed at the reporter, prompting AP’s chief executive to write to DeSantis asking him to stop her “harassing behavior.” DeSantis replied that the wire service “deserved blowback” for the story. Twitter briefly locked Pushaw’s account, saying she had violated rules against “abusive” conduct.

And here’s the final paragraph:

Of course, the only persona most people will know is the one Pushaw presents publicly and online. When DeSantis hired her last year, her Twitter avatar may have offered a clue about what was to come. At the time, she used a photo of herself, altered so that red lasers appeared to be shooting from her eyes.

Dear God. Not red lasers!

Ha! It actually does sound like something Pushaw would come up with to mock WaPo!

And they’re very, very upset about that.

Christina Pushaw has shone a glaring spotlight on the Washington Post’s media malpractice. We’d be angry, too, if we were them.



Gov. Ron DeSantis drives final nail into WaPo’s #journalism coffin by pointing out why Christina Pushaw triggers the media

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