We must admit, we didn’t have “Joyce Carol Oates makes a valid point” on our bingo cards, but here we are.

Recently, Oates drew attention to young white male writers having a difficult time breaking into the novel business in no small part because of woke politics:

Discrimination against white men is indeed a thing. They get passed over for college admissions, jobs … why not publishing deals? We must point out that Oates has said some genuinely problematic things in the past, but honestly, there’s nothing inherently wrong with what she said above.

Which is why Pulitzer Prize-winning “1619 Project” architect Nikole Hannah-Jones has such a problem with it:

Wow. Is that a tweet, or is that a tweet?

Better make it two.

Nikole Hannah-Jones’ bread and butter is wildly unprovable claims. And when it comes to the Oppression Olympics, the competition is pretty stiff, but she usually cleans up at the podium.



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