As you know, the Biden White House has been busy attempting to change the traditional definition of what constitutes an economic recession, and the media’s been doing its part to help them out when it comes to carrying the water.

Politico economic writer and CNBC contributor Ben White will make the Biden White House happy with his contribution to the effort:

However, White was spotted having had a different opinion about what constitutes a recession not all that long ago. This is from 2020:

A sudden pivot is taking place:

Here’s one from about a month ago:

The response? There are technical aspects that people don’t understand:

The “technical” aspect wouldn’t be that a Democrat is in office now instead of a Republican, would it?

So if you’re keeping score at home, always remember the rule:

And of course calling out media bias will often get the usual response from “journalists”:

How very unsurprising!

Stay tuned.



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