In a recent op-ed for The New York Times entitled Our Leasderless Free World, columnist Bret Stephens calls Joe Biden a failing President —and says it would be best for Democrats if Joe would just go away.

“The best thing Biden could do for the country is announce he won’t run for re-election — now, not after the midterms,” Stephens says. “Let his party sort out its own future. Appoint a confidence-inspiring Treasury secretary (if not Larry Summers, then Jamie Dimon). Ensure that Ukraine wins swiftly. Put fear and hesitation in the minds of dictators in Moscow, Tehran and Beijing.”

More from Fox News:

[Stephens] then slammed Biden for butchering American “economic credibility,” stating, “The credibility crisis occurs when leaders make confident predictions, in the face of abundant contrary evidence, that turn out to be catastrophically wrong. Insisting that inflation was ‘temporary,’ as Biden did last year, was one such prediction.”

The columnist expressed fear that Biden’s “insistence on Monday that ‘God willing, I don’t think we’re going to see a recession’ may be the next.” In addition, Biden hasn’t made changes to face the economic problems head on. “At least Jimmy Carter had the guts to nominate Paul Volcker. Where is a similar confidence-inspiring move from Biden, who, remarkably, retains the same inept economic team that helped lead us into this mess?” he asked.

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