Are there any bigger gaslighters than those employed as President Biden’s economic team? For quite a while we heard how U.S. presidents don’t have much to do with the price of gas that is, for now, is mostly caused by “Putin’s price increase,” but now that the price at the pump is ticking down a bit, it’s time to credit Biden!

Here’s Biden economic adviser Jared Bernstein sharing some more “positive economic news” that might only be considered a plus to the dwindling number of Americans who still think this administration is on the right track. After all, higher fossil fuel prices are the entire goal:

Biden economic adviser Brian Deese recently said what the country’s going through is just part of putting a “liberal world order” in place, so it’s no wonder they’re looking at record high gas prices and calling it good news because they’ve ticked down slightly.

To this administration, it’s just part of the “incredibly transition.”

Maybe the Biden White House should just redefine “high gas prices” to mean super-low gas prices.

At least “Putin’s price hikes” is taking a break, that is until prices start going back up.



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