NBC News Washington correspondent and PBS “Washington Week” anchor and moderator Yamiche Alcindor has worked very hard to get where she is. And kudos to her! There was a time when someone as shamelessly mediocre and biased as she is would’ve been drummed out of polite journalistic circles, but she never gave up on trying to succeed, and she kept at it long enough to make it to a time in which shameless mediocrity and bias get rewarded in polite journalistic circles.

That’s why we have no doubt that Yamiche’s peers will laud her for this, despite the fact that this is a shining example of pure, unadulterated hackery:


“Cultural issues were very popular in that room. He — former President Trump — went on a long rant about transgender Americans and he used transphobic language. In particular, he was talking about transgender women competing in sports and said that they were men trying to compete against women, which of course is not the right way to talk about that issue. But what you saw there was sort of the, the belly of the beast. The Republican that is the donor class, that is the people that are sort of setting the policy agenda. They were also most excited about lies. And I think that really sticks with me, because a lot of times, we talk about sort of throwing red meat to the base. But this was the part of the party that might possibly have been choosing the next nominee, um, before sort of it became about rallies, and, and, and big crowds, um, and they, too, are very much into the lies that President Trump is continuing to spew.”

Is it a lie that transgender women trying to compete against women in sports are men trying to compete against women in sports? Biologically, it’s accurate. It may not be the woke way to talk about the issue, but it’s not incorrect. Of all “the lies that President Trump is continuing to spew,” transgender women not being the same as biological women is not one of them.

Sorry, Yamiche, but he is.

Just because it’s Donald Trump saying it doesn’t mean it’s not right or true.



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