As we discussed earlier, outlets like the Associated Press and Bloomberg haven’t wasted any time trying to spin the news that the United States is officially in a recession into news that there’s a chance the United States could enter a recession someday. And trying to mitigate the awfulness is certainly one approach.

But believe it or not, there’s an approach that’s arguably more brazen than even that one. And everyone should give a major shout-out to White House, politics, and economics writer Josh Boak — who works for the AP, by the way — for coming up with it:

If you just leave out the inflation that’s been choking the economy, the economy is ackshually doing pretty darn good!

But it’s apparently the best that Josh Boak can come up with right now. Maybe if we give him a few more days, he’ll come up with something even better!

Still, though, he should be very proud of himself for this. We can honestly say that it’s not something we would’ve come up with. Mainly because it’s so stupid. But mega points for creativity, Josh.

Because that’s the only way to make this work, silly!

We certainly hope that Josh gets some flowers and chocolates from the White House for his efforts. At least a thank-you card. Something.

Maybe we should all try an approach like that when we’re assessing our financial situations.



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