Earlier this year, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen was forced to admit that she was wrong for being among administration officials who last year said inflation would be only temporary:

Now that we’re over a year and a half into the Biden presidency and the wheels continue to come off the economy, the country is officially in a recession (no matter how much denial the White House puts on display).

But the attempts to put a positive spin on the economic train wreck that is the Biden presidency continued today in spite of the reality of the situation. Yellen didn’t say the “R” word, but rather reminded Americans President Biden would like them to know they’ve “entered a new phase of our recovery”:

If Biden’s economic team would have been on the crew of the Titanic they’d have gotten on the intercom after hitting the iceberg to excitedly remind passengers they’ve “entered a new phase of the cruise.”

By the time Biden’s out of office they’ll have re-written the entire dictionary.

Being consistently wrong or a shameless liar are both resume enhancers when it comes to the Biden administration.

Gaslighting is the only thing at which this administration excels.



New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu says President Joe Biden should fire Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen to avoid a recession

Janet Yellen makes up for being so very wrong about inflation by announcing this ‘first’ at the Treasury Dept.

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