This is downright scary.

According to a report from The Daily Wire, internet sleuths have discovered more than 40 attempts to edit Wikipedia’s ‘Recession’ page in the last week —in many cases, trying to change the definition.

“A Wikipedia administrator has placed a pause on edits to Wikipedia’s ‘Recession’ page by unregistered users until early August to stop ‘vandalism’ and ‘malicious’ content after the page was edited 41 times in the past seven days with repeated attempts to alter the historical definition of a recession,” The Daily Wire reports.

On Wednesday, author Ann Bauer shared a screenshot on Twitter, illustrating all the revisions made to the ‘Recession’ page in the last 24 hours.

“Here is the revision history from roughly the past 24 hours on Wikipedia’s RECESSION page:”

The Daily Wire goes into more detail on how the page was manipulated:

For example, an editor by the name “Soibangla” — the third most prominent member of the Recession page by authorship — repeatedly deleted additions by other editors who used the textbook definition of a recession as being two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth.

The editor, who contributed to more than a thousand other Wikipedia articles, replaced the historically-applied indicator with various ambiguous explanations. For example, one of Soibangla’s edits claimed, “There is no global consensus on” what a recession is.

Other editors, however, tried changing or reverting the definitions, only to be foiled by other editors who removed their changes.

Continue reading over at The Daily Wire:

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