Even though the U.S. economy has been through two consecutive quarters of negative GDP, which is the definition of a recession, the Biden administration refuses to use the “R” word. Biden also knows he can count on the media to carry their share of narrative water, and that’s exactly what’s happened. All of that leads us to CNN letting people confused about whether there’s a recession that they’re not alone:

That’s pretty funny, CNN!

CNN reported that some people are confused as if there’s a recession or not, and then went on to explain the reason why: Media outlets like CNN:

If you’re confused about whether the US economy is in a recession, you’re not alone.

On one hand, gross domestic product, a key measure of economic output, shrank for the second straight quarter this week, raising fears that the country has entered – or will soon enter – recession territory. On the other hand, the job market remains very strong, telling us the economy is still robust.

Some economists call two consecutive quarters of contraction a technical recession. And with good reason: 10 out of the last 10 times the US economy shrank for two consecutive quarters, the US economy was declared to be in a recession. But massive job losses occurred during seven out of the past seven recessions, and that’s not happening now.

Thanks for the explanation as to why there are people confused about if the country’s in a recession.

CNN’s spin wouldn’t be the same if a certain former president were still in office:

Can you imagine the media’s “coming Great Depression” hyperventilating if Trump were still in office?

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