Nancy Pelosi is getting ready for a big trip to Asia, and inquiring minds are dying to know if she will be making a stop in Taiwan:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is expected to depart for Asia on Friday, beginning a diplomatic trip with the potential of upsetting the Chinese Communist Party.

Pelosi is scheduled to visit several allied Asian countries during her multi-day tour of the continent.

One possible destination with major ramifications is Taiwan — officially known as the Republic of China. The island has been expecting a visit from Pelosi, but recent threats from the People’s Republic of China have drawn global attention to the potential visit.

Threats from China? What does that mean, exactly?

Is that referring to stuff like this from former Global Times editor-in-chief Hu Xijin?

Beg your pardon?

That’s what it sounds like they’re saying, yes.

So, according to a high-profile ChiCom propagandist, the People’s Liberation Army is prepared to shoot Nancy Pelosi’s plane — and the U.S. fighter jets escorting her — out of the sky if she gets too close to Taiwan, which, last time we checked, is not actually part of China?

You can ask him if you want to, but something tells us he’s too busy writing his umpteenth piece for The Atlantic about how Donald Trump is evil and we should leave Joe Biden alone.

If there are actually any sane CCP members left, we imagine their current state of mind is something like the above.

Be sure to get it on video, too. Though we already have an idea as to what it would look like:

We’d like to think that the Chinese government is just trying to sound all big and tough and scary but knows that in reality, their threat is a mistake and making good on it would be an even bigger one. But it’d be nice if someone in the U.S. government would be willing to make that clear to them.

Seems like something they should address, at the very least.

Seems like something Twitter might want to address as well.

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