The annual Congressional Baseball Game was held Thursday night at National Park. The Republican team beat the Democrat team and it was a shut-out. The 10 -0 victory is being compared to the red wave expected in November in the midterm elections. One sore loser Democrat player didn’t show good sportsmanship, though, as she was leaving the game to be replaced by a pinch runner.

The Republicans’ two-game winning streak foreshadows what is likely to come when the GOP takes back control of the House. Perhaps Democrats are just tense about the potential of being cast into the political wilderness for the foreseeable future. Or, at least, until 2024. Last year Republicans won 13-12.

Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-CA) was being replaced by a pinch runner in the game and as she left the field, she was applauded. However, as she ran past the GOP dugout, she must have noticed that they were not applauding her. She responded by flipping the Republicans the bird. Classy move, Representative Sanchez. That isn’t exactly the example of good sportsmanship that parents in the stands were looking for. It’s a family-friendly baseball game played to raise money for charities. Good Lord. It was the sixth inning and Republicans were ahead by five runs.

After a lead-off walk, Sanchez was pulled for a pinch runner, but while making her way back to the dugout, she looked back at her fellow lawmakers on the opposing side of the aisle before making the offensive gesture.

The Congressional Baseball Game is an annual event. Last year the game returned after it was canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic. The focus is on raising money for Washington, D.C. area charities.

“Since 1909 the Congressional Baseball Game has been an annual bipartisan event beloved by all and enjoyed by thousands. Members of the United States Congress from each party solidify friendships off the floor and on the field,” the event’s website states. “Over the last century the Congressional Baseball Game’s popularity has contributed to its evolution into a foundation called Congressional Sports for Charity that supports worthy and effective Washington, DC area charities. These charities include The Washington Literacy Center, The Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Washington, and Washington Nationals Philanthropies along with the United States Capitol Police Memorial Fund in gratitude to the brave officers at the Republican practice shooting on June 14, 2017.”

Last year, Joe Biden visited both the Democrat and Republican dugouts during the game. The photo above is him in the GOP dugout. I haven’t seen any reporting that he made an appearance this year and visited the teams. The event is supposed to be a friendly game played with members of Congress. Both Republicans and Democrats chose MVPs.

Some climate alarmists tried to block the entrance to the game and they were arrested.

Speaker Pelosi may have not seen her sister Democrat throwing an obscene gesture to Republicans, or maybe she did and thinks it’s ok. Just a part of the competition, Madame Speaker? What about the children?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the coach for the Democratic team, said in an interview with Fox News’ Chad Pergram that comradery and the love of baseball were the reasons the congressional members continue to set aside their differences for the game.

“This game is so great and people are so nice,” she said, of America’s favorite pastime. “That’s what makes it great that we’re competitive, and it’s great to be here and have a little fun. “

Pelosi lives in her own bubble. Rep. Steve Scalise doesn’t have that privilege. He was nearly killed about five years ago when a Bernie bro progressive madman began shooting Republicans as they practiced for the game. Fortunately, thanks to the quick response to some fellow Republicans saving him from bleeding out on the field, he survived. He came back to play in the game the next year and each year since.

Since Rep. Sanchez proved to be a sore loser during a friendly game of baseball that raises money for charity, imagine what her reaction is going to be in November as she watches election results come in. She should be ashamed of herself. She’s a progressive, though, and we know they ruin everything.

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