As Twitchy has reported, the House voted by a narrow margin Friday to reinstitute the assault weapons ban, and they’re using “assault weapon” interchangeably with “AR-15.” They’ve been doing their best to make the AR-15 sound as scary as possible, with Rep. Lucy McBath claiming that exit wounds from an AR-15 can be a foot wide, AR-15 rounds cause skulls to explode on impact, and the reason you never see the bodies is that they’ve been vaporized. Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. added that an AR-15 “war weapon” “liquefies tissue and vaporizes bone.”

That certainly does sound like a powerful weapon. The House Judiciary Democrats put out a video describing the history of the AR-15, interspersing it with news footage of mass shootings and general panic. Watch and learn:

Listen to President Joe Biden: Don’t buy an AR-15, buy a shotgun. He has anywhere between two and five himself.


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