Almost everyone on the right in America has been aware for a while that the Democrats would do whatever they could to keep the COVID panic going until November’s midterm elections.

Let’s be honest with each other though: none of us had “monkeypox” on our bingo cards.

The Democrats like to run interference for their commie ways by keeping the electorate in an unnecessary state of panic. It worked to perfection in 2020, when they convinced a large portion of the population that we were all going to drop dead if we entered a voting booth. They not only used COVID panic as a reason to obliterate election transparency and integrity but also as an excuse to hide their bat-you-know-what crazy nominee for president in a basement so people wouldn’t know just how far gone he was.

Bless their dark little hearts, they’ve worked overtime to keep the COVID terror going, despite the fact that the newest variant isn’t killing anyone. They’re still using case counts as the prime metric for freaking out. The “experts” are apparently unaware that the hoi polloi learned last year that it’s a metric that can be manipulated or lied about just to keep us in line.

People have reached peak COVID panic weariness anyway, as Los Angeles County just found out when it tried to bring back an indoor mask mandate. When they’ve lost the Stockholm Syndrome Los Angeles proggies they’re really struggling.

Still, the effort continues. The Wall Street Journal recently ran an article positing that people who think they’ve never had COVID probably have and didn’t know it, which I have taken to referring to as “phantom COVID.”

It concludes with a big Moment of Duh:

People who don’t know whether they have been infected should be careful, Dr. Jameson said, because they might yet get sick as antibodies wane and new variants arrive.

“There are plenty of people who’ve had the vaccines or even had Covid and then have gotten Covid again,” he said. “It’s not as if it makes you immortal.”

Not exactly a ringing endorsement for vaccines. And, as many have been saying since 2020, we’re all going to get it, so let’s pump the brakes before we drive off the cliff.

With COVID not doing their bidding anymore — everyone at the DNC is probably mad that the new variant isn’t killing people — the Dems need a new viral bogeyman if they’re going to jack up another election they should lose.

Enter monkeypox.

The name itself is so ridiculous that for the first month or so it was in the news I was convinced it was an elaborate hoax by The Onion.

When the World Health Organization (WHO) declared it a “global health emergency” you could almost hear the cheers erupting at the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee.

It soon became apparent that monkeypox was mostly being transmitted by gay men having sex with each other. WHO followed up its declaration of emergency by warning gay men that they might want to keep an eye on their zippers.

This caused a lot of chagrin among the Democrats. They need monkeypox to be their next big viral hit so they can’t go around freely admitting that it’s primarily a gay male thing. As Kevin wrote on Friday, the Dems have now become the “don’t say gay” party.

The Democrats won’t let pesky things like facts get in their way though. On Saturday, New York Governor Kathy Hochul stepped away from her cauldron long enough to declare monkeypox an official state disaster emergency.

As Kevin noted in his post, the Dems will try to use monkeypox panic to “force absentee voting in November.” They know they have no chance of avoiding electoral slaughter in the midterms unless they fire up the Magic Mail-In Ballot machine and have votes for their candidates appear out of the ether on election night and in the days following.

Try all you want to make this work for you, Democrats, but this pox will not be on our electoral house in November.

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