FRANCE — A spectacular crash at the Tour de France Femmes, the first-ever all-female Tour de France event following the main race, was reportedly caused by the woman in front stopping to ask for directions.

According to witnesses, the lead rider came to a fork in the road and stopped to ask a bystander which way she should go.

“I’m a little lost, sorry,” she said sheepishly after abruptly stopping her bicycle. “I tried turning on the little navigation thingy but couldn’t figure out how to work it. Do I make a left here?”

The man patiently explained which way she should go using easy-to-understand directions like “north” and “south” but the female bicyclist still looked flummoxed.

“I’m sorry, can you explain which way to go using Starbucks or Targets as landmarks?” As there were no Starbucks or Targets nearby, however, the man was unable to help her out. And then it was too late, as the rest of the bicyclists had caught up and plowed right into her in a massive crash.

The race got started again after not too long, but was derailed again when the woman in front gasped and pumped her brakes suddenly after she thought she saw a car’s brake lights go on a mile ahead of her.

At publishing time, sources had confirmed that while no male bicyclists at the real Tour de France had to stop for directions, they also got hopelessly lost and are still riding around the French countryside somewhere.

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