I managed to crash the podcast this week in a futile attempt to blunt the slow-rolling coup that Lucretia and John Yoo started last week in my absence, but by the miracle of the internet I did just that, dropping in for a few minutes between drams of whisky and dishes of haggis.

We kick around the Joe Manchin news, whether the White House will invent a new term for economic distress—”recessionyx” (seriously, who could doubt it)—and whether the J-6 committee is leading inexorably toward a Justice Department indictment of Donald Trump—and thus a further step toward making America a banana republic.

You know what to do now: Listen here, or roll your tanks over to our hosts at Ricochet.

But wait! There’s more: John and Lucretia worked overtime this week, stepping in as guest hosts for the flagship Ricochet podcast (Peter Robinson and Rob Long were both away), and I managed to crash that podcast too, live from a bar on the Isle of Skye in Scotland, pint in hand. The main topic of the episode is crime, which prompted the production team at Ricochet to come up with this graphic to go with the episode:

So lots of listening for everyone’s weekend.

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