We thought we’d kick things off with one of Rob Reiner’s “Mueller Time!” tweets, but either Twitter’s search engine is acting up again or Reiner has scrubbed Robert Mueller from his timeline. In The Hill, Brett Samuels writes that the Mueller report was a “disappointment” for Democrats, who are now hoping Attorney General Merrick Garland steps up and holds Donald Trump accountable … for something.

Samuels writes:

“I think all eyes are on Garland in the same way as they were on Mueller, with the major difference, of course, that Mueller had no power to criminally prosecute,” said Eli Merritt, an author and political historian at Vanderbilt University.

Another key difference between the Mueller special counsel probe and the ongoing Justice Department investigation, experts said, is how public the evidence in the Jan. 6 probe is compared to the 2016 Russia investigation.

“I think there’s no doubt that the evidence and testimony that’s been presented by the committee has increased the appetite for the public for accountability and for prosecutions. We’ve seen a steady increase in interest,” said Brad Woodhouse, president of the Defend Democracy Project.

We’ve already seen a ton of tweets from Democrats who are thankful Garland never did get that Supreme Court seat, seeing how ineffective he’s been as attorney general. Will Democrats finally get their wish? We hear the walls are closing in.

That’s a real illustration of “Robert Moral” from the Krassenstein brothers’ book.

The media has to be cautious to run hit pieces on both Trump and Gov. Ron DeSantis, as it could go either way.


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