Things continue to go swimmingly on all fronts. Hey, it’s not a recession, it’s just a transition! We are transitioning to a non-binary economy where GDP is whatever you want it to be. Up, down, take your pick. In other highlights, Joe Biden cleaned his plate and Kamala Harris wore a blue dress (not that one). And if you think things can’t get worse, consider the fact that we are only through 19 months of the Biden administration, and have 29 months to go.

Curating The Week In Pictures in Steve’s absence has been fun. I have tried to generally follow his practices, with two exceptions: I don’t post Star Wars memes that I don’t get, which rules out nearly all of them. And I have suspended the practice of including a photo of a guy with a gun. Ladies, if you don’t like it, talk to Steve. He’ll be back in a few weeks.

Now on to TWIP.

These Atlantic memes are fake. I think. But with that magazine, it is hard to be sure.

And finally:

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