The Biden White House will be quite conflicted on the latest take in The Economist. On the one hand it’s been explained why there are “silver linings” to a recession, but on the other hand this administration is denying that the country is in a recession.

In any case, the media continues to be completely predictable when a Democrat is in the White House. Today’s examples include this take:

Economic pain is totally worth it to achieve a “green” utopia, everybody:

“Lower inflation and greener energy are worth the price of a short downturn.”

Gee, they seem quite confident “greener energy” will bring down inflation and that the downturn brought about by printing trillions to bring that about will only be a short one. Good luck with all that. Of course, these are likely the same economists who said there wouldn’t be inflation in the first place.

And the circle is complete:

Amazing. If a recession has silver linings we can’t want to see how wonderful the Biden depression is!



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