We’ve seen our share of “news” stories where the headline doesn’t even come close to matching the reality of a story, and CNN was again spotted taking a big swing for the “journalism” fences with their story about the resignation of a North Carolina city’s entire police force:

CNN’s being disingenuous again? We couldn’t be more fake shocked!


How the story starts:

The mass exodus of an entire police department after the hiring of a Black town manager in North Carolina has opened a conversation about public safety and race relations in a small town of just over 1,500 residents.

Last week, the entire police department in Kenly, North Carolina, resigned, citing a “hostile” work environment less than two months after Justine Jones, a Black woman, began her role as the town’s newly selected city manager.

Well into the story:

Others in the community say they believe there is not a racial component to the situation due to the fact the previous town manager was a Black man. Some residents also cautioned against jumping to conclusions, saying they’ve always had a good relationship with the police department.

And no media outlet promotes jumping to conclusions like CNN!

That’s what they do.

Because it’s CNN and they only know how to dishonestly frame stories?



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