In case Americans weren’t already ticked off enough at what Biden and his merry group of doorknobs have done to the country, Rep. Thomas Massie was good enough to put a list of everything they’d done to Americans ‘to save them’ from the virus and yeah, this is like dumping gasoline on an angry Conservative fire.

What’s that old saying? BOOM goes the dynamite.

Yeah, that’s it.

Hey, when you look at it like this, no WONDER we’re all pissed off:

Biden gave Americans $3200 and put them $30k deeper in debt. Each.


Oh, and that magical vaccine that somehow doesn’t stop the virus but somehow is still being pushed and even forced on Americans, that’s the real kicker. Medical tyranny indeed.

It does seem like Biden needs a crisis to lead … even though he’s not really leading anything. Dude couldn’t lead a horse to water, let alone make him drink. But our pals on the Left never let a crisis go to waste.

Winner winner chicken dinner.

Grrrr. Who could forget?

Harsh but sadly, not untrue.

Our government locked down the country and we didn’t even get a lousy t-shirt.

That works.

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