Colorado representative Steven Woodrow would like you to know that the only reason to vote Republican is that you’re either really wealthy, really racist, or both. If you don’t accept that, well, then, you’re just rationalizing. Never mind that the current administration’s catastrophic policies are causing minority voters to leave the Democrat party in droves, it’s those rich racists that vote Republican!

It’s unclear how he came to this conclusion, but he put it on the Internet so it must be true. It’s the oldest trick in the Democrat playbook: when you have nothing viable to run on, call your opponents racist.

They are in trouble in the midterms, and they know it. We can certainly expect more of this desperate flailing as November approaches.

Why is it that liberals never seem to see the soft-bigotry of suggesting that everyone of a certain race must think and feel the same way? It’s almost as if they think minorities are incapable of forming their own personal conclusions as to the policies that will benefit them most. Which, quite frankly, sounds pretty racist.

It certainly won’t garner new support, and may even have the opposite effect.

Most people are not receptive to their fellow Americans being labelled as racist just because they vote for one party over the other, but if the Democrats are going to keep using this simplistic approach in an attempt to stop the coming red wave, we’re certainly not going to stand in their way.


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