A senior editor at the Federalist is delivering a harsh verdict on the FBI, after confirmation appeared this week that it had falsely labeled verified information against Hunter Biden as “disinformation” during the 2020 campaign.

That means, according to John Daniel Davidson writing at the Federalist, that the bureau has now “directly interfered in two consecutive presidential elections, placing a heavy hand on the scales to benefit Democrats in 2016 and 2020, all in hopes of keeping Donald Trump out of the White House.”

“It would not be too much to say the FBI is a threat to democracy and that it should be disbanded,” he explained.

He cited information from U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, who for months has been investigating various Washington Deep State components, and their actions against the nation.

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Grassley revealed “numerous ‘highly credible whistleblowers’ have come forward about ‘a scheme in place among certain FBI officials to undermine derogatory information connected to Hunter Biden by falsely suggesting it was disinformation.’”

“Grassley’s letter tells a shocking tale that should enrage every American, regardless of party, in part because some of the same FBI agents who interfered in the 2016 election did it again in 2020. Whistleblowers say that in August 2020, FBI supervisory intelligence agent Brian Auten ‘opened an assessment’ of an ongoing FBI investigation of Hunter Biden, and that this assessment was used by FBI headquarters ‘to improperly discredit negative Hunter Biden information as disinformation and caused investigative activity to cease,’” the report said.

Davidson pointed out that Auten previously was “deeply involved” in the false narrative created by Democrats to make up allegations that the Trump campaign in 2016 was colluding with Russia, claims that now have been debunked.

“It was Auten who was in charge of verifying the phony Steele dossier but failed to flag its many errors and inconsistencies. He interviewed Igor Danchenko, a Russian-born lawyer who was the main source for the Steele dossier’s outlandish claims, three times in 2017. During those interviews, Danchenko undercut claims of collusion between the Trump campaign and Moscow, raising serious doubt about the reliability of the dossier,” Davidson explained.

“Auten was also in charge of reviewing the flawed Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act application to spy on Trump campaign associate Carter Page, which relied on the discredited dossier,” he noted.

“But it doesn’t stop there. Grassley’s letter also includes allegations from whistleblowers that the FBI assistant special agent in charge of the Washington field office, Timothy Thibault, ‘ordered closed’ an ‘avenue of additional derogatory Hunter Biden reporting’ in October 2020, a month before the election, without giving a reason as required by FBI guidelines, despite the reporting being ‘verified or verifiable via criminal search warrants,” Davidson continued.

That means Thibault closed an investigation that had uncovered the truth.

“If Grassley’s sources are telling the truth, what we have here — at the very least — is a conspiracy inside the FBI to suppress an investigation into Joe Biden’s son in the months before the election. Why would the FBI do such a thing?” he asked.

Perhaps because they saw that “verifiable derogatory information” about Hunter Biden “would kill Joe Biden’s chances of ousting Trump from the White House.”

At this point, Davidson said in his commentary, “We need to know everything. The FBI and the Justice Department need to give Grassley everything he asked for, and there needs to be a full investigation (perhaps by a special counsel). Then if the allegations turn out to be true and the FBI really did intervene in the 2020 election as Grassley’s letter suggests, the forthcoming GOP congressional majority needs to disband — or at least defund — the FBI.”

Image via GetArchive, Public Domain. Article cross-posted from our news partners at WND News Center.

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