We’ve been regaled by stories of how the Biden Administration and its media handmaidens turned on a dime to redefine the concept of “recession” to accommodate zee pahtee. Indeed, they’ve attempted to redefine the word to accommodate their political ends.

The definition of recession is two consecutive quarters of negative gross domestic product (GDP) growth. Joe Biden’s slide into recession wasn’t huge–0.9 percent. He might free the shackles of the economy so we may grow his way out of the recession later in the year, but creepy-eyed-Joe demanded obeisance to the new definition of recession, which was, roughly, “Democrats in the White House have no recessions. Capice?”

Look into my eyes. You are growing sleeeepy.

And, of course, the media, bureaucrats in the administrative deep state, and other water carriers obliged. How low did they bow? As low as Barack Obama bowed to the Saudis, that’s how low.

Grabien’s Tom Elliott showed how the concept of “recession” was changed on a dime in real time by our betters.

Politi”fact” claimed — cough! — that no one was carrying water for Biden–and, of course, the Administration didn’t re-define what recession means, you Nazis!

But, of course, that’s exactly what Biden’s people tried to do. It has been overt and in-your-face.  Biden’s people attempted to re-frame ideas and concepts and chang the norms of what has been true over time. It’s the same thing the Left has done with the definition of woman, marriage, parents, and recession.

But it’s gotten worse. We’ve hit peak absurdity now.  And here it is: The Lefties at Wikipedia have re-defined the very definition of the word “definition.”

Indeed, the thinking over at Wikipedia apparently goes: Joe Biden didn’t actually, technically re-define “recession”–no, the word “re-define” is just misunderstood and “fluid,” like your perceived and not biological sexuality.

Wikipedia described “a definition as a fluid statement of the meaning of a term (a word, phrase, or there set of symbols).” It helpfully added that “definitions cannot be easily set into categories as meanings evolve to meet the needs of societal change,” you know, like they think of the U.S. Constitution.

Definitions of words used to be more neutral and less tribal. But if Wikipedia and Merriam-Webster are willing to rewrite their publications at a moment’s notice to accommodate the woke crowd as if they’re the urban dictionary or hip hoptionary, then we’ve now arrived at peak absurdity.

When you control the language, you control the story, the narrative, and the history. Biden knows this.

When my kids were in high school, Wikipedia was forbidden to be used as a source. And now you see in real time exactly why.

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