Remember when Biden mocked Trump for having to go to the hospital when he had COVID? And how he pretended he was somehow bigger, badder, and better since he stayed in the White House and ‘kept working’?

You guys member, right?

And then he said something about the vaccine and the magical Pfizer pill … he even made a statement in the Rose Garden and the press clapped like a bunch of brain-dead seals because he was well.

Only for Biden to test positive for COVID again.

Helloooooo Karma.

Defiant L’s was good enough to really rub Biden’s nose in it with the perfect screenshot:


Play stupid games, win stupid prizes … yadda yadda yadda.

And called the virus, ‘Look fat.’


Seeing that more and more.

Gosh, that’s shocking.


It sure did.

Should Trump mock Biden since he only caught it once?

Yeah, you do that, Sleepy Joe.



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