Last week White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked how the “Inflation Reduction Act” spending bill will reduce inflation. Jean-Pierre’s answer was basically, “well duh, it’s right there in the name of the legislation!

There’s simply no way that printing and spending hundreds of billions of dollars more is going to lower the inflation rate, and the absurdly ironic title of the legislation indicates the Dems are trying a bit too hard to make people believe that (the “Affordable Care Act” was something similar, and you know how that turned out).

However, White House economic advisers are trying to spin this to average Americans, saying the bill would help families struggling to afford gas and groceries. How? By making it a little easier to buy electric cars & solar panels via some tax credits:

Because the primary concern among Americans who can barely afford to buy gas and food is “if only we had a little help making our transition to clean energy!”

Because reasons. Plus it’s right there in the title of the legislation!

It’s just that simple — or so the Democrats would like everybody to believe.



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